One of the major reasons for a building to fail it's 40 year inspection is structural concrete carbonization.

Hillman Engineering specializes in concrete restoration and protection systems. If your building has visual evidence of these conditions, you will need to have it corrected. Once this process of carbonization starts, it will spread exponentially. The longer you wait to make the corrections, the more it will cost you overall in both dollars and the duration your building will be under construction.

Our love for the blue waters has, over the last several decades, supported a massive construction program along the U.S. coastline. Resorts, condominiums, bridges, jetties, and a host of other structures have all been constructed using reinforced concrete. During the boom times more emphasis was placed on efficient construction rather than on the long-term durability of structures. Also, the impact of the marine environment on reinforced concrete structures was not well understood. Concrete was believed to be the material that would last for generations without any maintenance. Even today, many people in the construction industry believe in the myth that concrete is forever, no matter what environment it is exposed to.


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