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Hillman Engineering has extensive experience in concrete restoration and protection systems. Whether mending structural damages, preforming modifications, or improving structures, our team has you covered. In both commercial and residential buildings, concrete plays a huge role in the look, structure, and sustainability of your building. Once this process of carbonization starts, it will spread exponentially. When concrete becomes damaged, its ability to support your building is weakened. This is a greater cause of concern for residential buildings because they are usually located along shores exposed to corrosive environments. The longer you wait to make the improvements, the more it cost overall in both dollars and the duration your building will be under construction.

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Concrete restoration is the process of mending old and damaged concrete. Restoring concrete helps return it to its original appearance, and support. This method can be used on concrete structures as well as smaller areas, like driveways and patios. However, there is a difference between concrete repair and concrete restoration. While repairing damaged concrete may correct structural issues with the concrete, it does not pay close attention to aesthetics. With concrete restoration, you are getting both benefits.

The principal advantage of concrete restoration is that it is less expensive than a new construction. Concrete restoration still gives you the appearance of having brand new concrete on your building. Along with refining the overall look, it repairs the cracks that cause structural problems. Given the cost, it is best for businesses to stay abreast of concrete repairs when they choose to do restorations. This prevents problems from getting out of control and putting their customers, employees, or residents at risk.

Our love for the blue waters has, over the last several decades, supported a massive construction program along the U.S. coastline. Resorts, condominiums, bridges, jetties, and a host of other structures have all been constructed using reinforced concrete. During the boom times more emphasis was placed on efficient construction rather than on the long-term durability of structures. Also, the impact of the marine environment on reinforced concrete structures was not well understood. Concrete was believed to be the material that would last for generations without any maintenance. Even today, many people in the construction industry believe in the myth that concrete is forever, no matter what environment it is exposed to.

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