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Seawalls are critical to the asset value and safety of many waterfront properties. Their evaluation and maintenance are critical and often required by the building officials to be repaired and upgraded. Hillman Engineering has more than two decades of experience inspecting, designing, and reconditioning seawalls within the South Florida region.

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Seawalls are a fact of life for those who live along our many waterways here in South Florida. Residential and commercial property owners depend on the seawall to protect their property from water damage, especially surges and tidal fluctuation. The constant variation of the water levels and thrashing of the wall by brutal conditions can cause unsightly cracks and pitted surfaces to total failure. Once damage has become visible, there is a limited amount of time to repair the seawall without additional damage. In some extreme cases, the entire seawall may need to be replaced. Implementing routine inspections every 5 to 7 years can ease the risk of total failure.
Seawalls are designed to handle water coming from both sides. After time, these systems can destroy. The water pushes in on incoming tides and flows out on outgoing tides. As the water flows out, it carries sand and soil with it which causes undermining of the structure, voids to form, and deteriorates the structural integrity of the seawall. We assess the damage with a Seawall Inspection and then perform a complete Seawall Repair to ensure a solid foundation.